Mission And History

Alternative Energy Solar Project’s mission is to help everyone who can’t afford purchasing solar panels out right. It is our goal to help those who want renewable energy but live in underserved communities.

Alternative Energy Solar Project, has partnered with only those companies that hold strict guidelines to help with the energy crisis by professionals who were attempting to implement energy conservation, in the private sector.

The mission that motivated AESP was simply elegant: clean, green, renewable electricity to every homeowner without them needing to pay a dime to access the energy from the sun. Thanks to Alternative Energy Solar Project we have developed a plan to be able to allow those who prior to our help to access the suns energy especially for those who are in need.

This allows AESP to provide the best possible savings for those who need it the most. By expanding our grasp on Solar Energy we have been able to not only help the earth become cleaner, but even more importantly help those families in need by saving money on their electric rates. This in large will help all the communities, cities, counties, and states to put their money towards other necessary important bills that can’t be cut back.

AESP is now promotion a healthier, cleaner, cheaper form of energy and is helping solar become known throughout the country as one of the best forms of energy a homeowner can access.

AESP has been chosen to be the promotional monger, to let homeowners know about the raised funds that is under the Solar Affordable Verified Establishment (S.A.V.E.) stimulant project, which started as one of the country’s first Solar Array system projects for middle-class families. AESP has helped out thousands of homeowners and has helped promote this stimulant project extremely well. Effectively jobs have been able to be created through these promotional efforts.

Now AESP has been able to push forward with the S.A.V.E. project thanks to support from several private investors. Which has now opened up this program to the New York, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Rhode Island states. This is great movement and goes to show the amount of growth and impact AESP has had in the nation. Growing from one state to 11 states, is nothing to be shy about. One can say that this great movement in helping families across this great country of ours is finally one of the most American projects you can be proud to support.