Federal Standards

The Federal Government has given each state a standard or goal to have a certain percentage of their energy be produced by renewable sources. Although we are a private organization, we are trying to help promote solar to see these states reach their standards.

Progress Across The Top Five States

Maryland - We have Work To Do...
Massachusetts - Working On Catching Up...
New York - Moving Ahead
Nevada - Closing In On The Finish Line
Arizona - We're Almost There

Why We Started

Taking Care Of The Middle-Class

Promoting A Better Program

As soon as we found out there was a program to get solar panels on the roofs of those who can’t afford purchasing them right out, we knew this was our chance to help save the planet from emissions and the middle class from outrageous power bills.

Helping Families Save Thousands

We estimate that those families who sign up and qualify could save up to $2400 a year. 

Thousands Have Already Signed Up

We have helped connect thousands of homeowners with this program. This project is not finished yet and we are still looking for a few more homeowners.

See If You Qualify

It could be your turn to make a difference.